Luke’s first interest in electronic music was sparked in the 1990’s when he began to collect his first records, and before long music and mixing quickly became a full-fledged hobby. It wasn’t long before he was playing at small parties in order to get some needed public attention.

His first booking in Tresor was in 1995, for the series of parties called New Faces. More gigs in Tresor followed and eventually he became a regular behind the decks for Tresor Headquarters Berlin.

Through the release of the first Headquarters compilation in 1998, a new music team was founded called Sender Berlin: a team made up of producers and DJ’s and Luke took the role of the latter. The first album for Sender Berlin “Spektrum Weltweit” on Tresor Records was released in 1999 and included a limited edition mix CD from Luke. Afterwards he chalked up international DJ gigs such as in Poland, Paris, Spain, Greece, USA, Japan to name a few.

Of course as resident DJ over the years in Tresor, his music repertory and his work all influenced him positively, and Luke is privileged to be counted among the exceptional club DJ’s and musical artists that one can see in the local club scene.

His musical spectrum encompasses a wide-reaching collection of electronic music styles that mainly include techno, techhouse and house; all of which Luke places together in a perfect building up of musical tensions. He himself compares his DJ work with that of a producer through his multi-medium usage of vinyl, traktor scratch pro, maschine, mixer and effects, that he incorporates adeptly as creative tools.

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